ECS EUROCARGO SERVICES is a market leader in the supervision business of grain, oilseeds, feedstuffs and liquid agri-bulk commodities and operates offices in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland and the Baltics.

ECS follows the goods throughout every link in the supply chain, from primary producer to feed manufacturers and processing mills, focusing unwaveringly on assuring and documenting the quality and quantity of the goods they traded.
ECS provides a wide range of both standard and customized solutions for customers, i.e.:

  • Supervision of weight, quality and condition including own weighbridges in Grenaa, Fredericia and Aalborg
  • Sampling according to traded contract terms
  • Customs clearance
  • Survey and evaluation of damaged goods
  • Warehouse surveying, including bonded stocks
  • Fumigation of vessels with own staff

ECS EUROCARGO SERVICES is recognized by international associations like GAFTA and FOSFA and accredited/certified by ISO and DANAK.

In Rostock, Germany, ECS also owns a fully equipped, GAFTA approved and ISO certified laboratory. There, we offer a wide range of wet chemical analyses for our customers, e.g. Alveograph analysis, enabling us to ascertain the quality of our customers’ goods faster than most competitors.

With a broad spectrum of analysis devices, the ECS laboratory in Szczecin is planned to be presented for ISO certification in 2018.