Gdansk Bulk Terminal is situated at the port of Gdansk – one of the leading ports for bulk cargo in Poland. The terminal is GMP+ certified and concentrates on exports of grain, feedstuffs and wood pellets as well as imports of malting barley and feedstuffs.

The port is ISPS approved and the maximum draft is 10,2 meters, which is sufficient to accommodate handy-size vessels at first loading or second discharge port.


Gdansk Bulk Terminal has a capacity to store 55,000 MT in a sectioned warehouse and 10 silos – securing great possibilities for quality selection. A drying facility has also been established.

The terminal also offers a fully equipped lab and two licensed weighbridges.

The load rate is 450 MT/hour while the discharge rate is 200 MT/hour and the terminal can fill 3-4 containers hourly with bulk commodities for export.

Gdansk Bulk Terminal was established in 2012 as a joint venture between Copenhagen Merchants Group and Malteurop/Vivescia Group.