CM Biomass Partners was founded in 2009 as a response to the European Union’s increased demand for sustainable green energy solutions and the EU RED 2020 targets. Since the beginning, the company has benefitted from the close connection to the CM group with its many years of experience within commodity trading, shipping, warehousing and wood pellet bagging. In the meantime, helping suppliers meet sustainability requirements has also become an important and fast-growing task.


We work with a variety of clients, from very large producers and utilities to smaller regional producers and distributors, thus trading industrial as well as premium grade pellets. Today, we trade more than 1,000,000 MT wood pellets per year, which makes us one of the largest independent wood pellet trading companies in the world. In addition, we have recently increased trading of other biomass including woodchips, briquettes, and sunflower husk pellets.


Today, CM Biomass Partners employs around 25 dedicated professionals in Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, Holland, Italy and USA. For related services including Chartering and Finance, CM Biomass draws on relevant teams in the CM group.


CM Biomass Partners shares the CM group philosophy of seeking to provide its customers with turnkey solutions to minimize risks for all parties involved. To secure competitive and flexible solutions, we implement multimodal logistic solutions including vessels, barges, railways, containers and trucks in bulk, bigbags or small bags.
The seasonal nature of the market implies a need for an active role in logistics and warehousing as producers need offtake every month of the year, whereas many buyers only need products during the heating season.


To balance supply and demand of different quality grades CM Biomass has warehouses from origination to destination.

  1. Petersburg, Russia
  2. Novorossiysk, Russia
  3. Ventspils/Riga, Latvia
  4. Liepaja, Latvia (CM Group terminal)
  5. Gdansk, Poland (CM Group terminal)
  6. Aarhus, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  7. Grenaa, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  8. Aalborg, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  9. Kalundborg, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  10. Fredericia, Denmark (CM Group terminal)
  11. Middelfart, Denmark
  12. Ødis, Denmark
  13. Ystad, Sweden (CM Group terminal)
  14. Norrsundet, Sweden
  15. Köping, Sweden
  16. Oxelösund, Sweden
  17. Oulu, Finland
  18. Worms, Germany
  19. Breisach, Germany
  20. Eiselfing, Germany
  21. Flixborough/Grove Port, UK
  22. Grangemouth, UK
  23. Ipswich/Ingham, UK
  24. Bristol/Avonmouth, UK
  25. Liverpool,UK
  26. New Holland, UK
  27. Plymouth, UK
  28. Flushing, Holland
  29. Waspik, Holland
  30. Rouen, France
  31. Arquata, Italy
  32. Genoa, Italy
  33. Carentino, Italy
  34. Catania, Italy
  35. Savona, Italy
  36. Savannah, US
  37. Tennessee, US
  38. Halifax, Canada