Since the beginning in 1977, Copenhagen Merchants has provided chartering as an integrated part of our business services. Over the years we have built strong working relationships with the main owners and operators of all vessel sizes, with a focus however on coaster to handysize vessels.

After decades of partnership with Schultz Shipping in the Kalundborg Bulk Terminal; in 2006, CM became owner of Schultz Shipping along with co-owner Fredericia Shipping.

Schultz Shipping is a modern and expanding ship agent and stevedoring company based in Kalundborg, but with offices in Copenhagen, Grenaa, Aalborg, Malmö, Hamburg, Rostock, Mukran, Szczecin and Gdansk and partner offices
in Fredericia (Fredericia Shipping), Aarhus, Nakskov, Roedby, Nykoebing F, Vordingborg and Naestved (Krinak).

In parallel to the development of chartering capabilities within CM, Schultz Shipping Hamburg has offered commercial ship management for more than 15 years, based on a fleet of coaster vessels. Here, the starting point has always been to find the best possible cargo for a specific vessel, contrary to CM where we typically search for the most suitable vessel for a specific cargo. As such, Schultz has had a different and broader product and client focus than CM, but both ways of doing business have always complemented each other perfectly.

It´s our firm belief that the different backgrounds and increasing cooperation have been instrumental to our mutual success. Therefore, with the strong intention to better serve our clients and to facilitate our long-term growth ambitions, we have decided to merge the freight teams of COPENHAGEN MERCHANTS and SCHULTZ SHIPPING in Hamburg to form a new dedicated chartering company called

Offices in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Barcelona - capable of serving all our clients in the best possible way with the assistance of CM back office.