Since that basement where Torben Christensen started Copenhagen Merchants as a one-man brokerage company, CM has grown considerably.

Today, with more than 20 Brokers plus Execution and Chartering specialists, Copenhagen Merchants is one of the biggest grain brokering companies in Europe.

The CM brokerage business is represented with offices on the following locations:

  • Copenhagen (Copenhagen Merchants)
  • Geneva (CM Geneva)
  • Hamburg (CM Hamburg)
  • Kaunas (CM Kaunas)
  • Barcelona (CM Barcelona)
  • Sao Paulo (CM Sao Paulo)

Although all offices work very closely together, each office has a certain specialization. Copenhagen is specialized in destination business, vessel freight and terminals, Kaunas in origination and railway freight, Hamburg in international and global grain trade, Madrid in Spanish FOT and CIF market in the ports.


CM Copenhagen
CM Geneva
CM Hamburg
CM Barcelona
CM Kaunas
CM Sao Paulo